Thank you all very much for reading this blog, and I would enjoy visiting with you again.

Please take the link below to my new blogquarters

another time, and another place!

Stay Groovy!  Love & Peace, out….



  1. Oh no, one of my biggest fans not going to be here anymore!? Nooo! Well, thanks for reading my blog and all your comments and support.

    • Just moving….’another time, and another place’ is the link to my new place…….So, you’ll have to put up with me from another time, and another place for at least a little while longer…

  2. thanks for following my blog…touch of home!

    • Thank you for visiting, Paula.
      Really like your blog. It seems it is more canine than, feline but, none the less a very good advocate for animals .
      I have a black, longhair, feline princess. Yes, she is spoiled rotten.

      • Thanks for your compliment. Yes, it is more about dogs than cats. I do have 3 cats also. I love all animals! I think all our pets are spoiled to some point. I know what to do and what not to do, such as feeding from my plate, but still do it, I have a heart of mush when it comes to pets! :)

      • Robert Hoffmann (LEVS)

        • All I could see was ‘…’ Appreciate you coming by. Enjoy all your great music on BLIP!

    • Thank you! Enjoyed it!

  3. Sweet you,

    I’ve an award for you, for the person who you are and the things you share with the world

    Thank you for that..

    Namasté, Summer

    • I bow to you, and your dedication to peace in humility. Thank you.

      • You’re welcome, Dave. Thanks to you to! Have a peaceful day : )

  4. I’m not a boomer, but I sure do love the Rolling Stones. Going to see them in TO

    • One of the groups beginning to rise in popularity as I left adolescence behind, and began my trek in to teen-agedom.

      Always liked this Stones for a lot of bass, and volume. i call it, blastability! Their first charted song in the USA was, 1964.

      Generations before mine (my parents, included) were predicting in the early 60s, perhaps with wishful thinking incorporated, Rock & Roll was a fad, and would be gone by, tomorrow. Tomorrow has come at least once, since then. I’m thinking they might have been wrong.

      Enjoy the Stones!

      Here’s hoping Theo Epstein wakes up, soon!

      Thanks for dropping off this message. Enjoy the Cubs Den. Nice blog.

  5. Hi Dave, it’s funny how the older generation chastises the younger for not having any taste for “real” music. Every successive generation feel their music is the best.
    With the advent of youtube, I’m hearing people of all ages finally appreciating music from all genres. The internet really is a great equalizer, eliminating generation gaps and finally bringing people together to love music. It’s just that simple and wonderful. :D
    Thanks for sharing the Groovy gazette, i’ll def. be partaking. Peace to you Dave.

    • Thank you for your comment.

      I am quite enthused with the appreciation of music as it has evolved from a generation gap to generations appreciating music from another time, and closing that musical generation gap.

      Music is one common denominator to uniting the citizens of the earth in peace.

      I am appreciative of your blog’s name, 1EarthUnited, as it says so much in one number, and two words. It is not only a possibility but, already a reality for many of us.

      Thank you, again for introducing me to, Bloggers For Peace.

      Be well, and in peace….

  6. Hallo,

    I’ve nominate you for an award : )


    Sweet greetings, Summer

    • Summer, Thank you so very much! You have just added some warmth to my Winter that has been a troublesome chill of -1 Fahrenheit, this morning.

      Thank you, again! My 1st reason of many to come to smile, today! :-)

      • You deserve it! And I’m glad that through this way I can let you know that I enjoy your blog. Thank you for your kind words, as always.

        Sweet greetings, Summer

        (you, put on an extra jacket ; )

  7. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog, much appreciated. :)

    • Enjoyed, and much luck with the challenge!

  8. Hallo

    I’ve a christmas card for you! : ) You can pick it up here
    Have a nice day

    Sweet greetings, Summer

    • How nice! Thank you! Enjoy your Christmas! :-)

  9. This message is long overdue Dave. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. “Feelin’ Groovy” – wow, I haven’t heard that song, even the word “groovy” in a very long time! :-) Thank you for posting that video. All the best to your site!

    • Hi Nadinemarie – What a very nice name you have! I thank you for coming by with your kind wishes.

      Don’t forget to have a groovy day! Still a ‘Hippie at Heart.’ :-)

  10. Hello my friend,
    Do you write for a living? I think you not only have a thought process about yourself that feels right & good, it is written so eloquently that it should be share away from WordPress as well.
    I do not think I have heard such a great argument for being so comfortable with “getting older” The word older was terminology I was not comfortable with until reading this post. It had been something I was fearful of. Not the act of getting “older” it was the word which held such negative considerations for me. I’d never deny my age despite not wanting to be defined by it as I have not wanted to be my entire life. Experience vs the chronological number it rakes to live those experiences is what I count.
    I am quite content where I am in my life personally, and like living in my own skin. Its only because I am older and wiser that it feels right and is a good thing. So I really need not duck the word.

    You have taught me another way to look at the word, “older” and I kind of like it,
    This is the most perfect analogy of a beautiful thing our life forces create. I am humbled by these words which left me to ponder and reflect back on their significance before commenting. A striking prompt for writing about this very subject you have created here.

    And can I say Dave that I was quite touched by your casual tribute (my word) for your son. Its endearing how you both see one another through your own eyes & heart?. There is no other love as sweet & pure than that between a parent & a child. My two, daughters, also adults are my proudest moments rolled up into these two stunning young women.

    Being seen as a a great thing in my mind ,I have a young make relative who is now into dinosaurs. I see the attraction through his eyes, having raised two girls who were not so much into dinosaurs did not give me the affection I see now through this young man. Being 6 yrs old and knowing all the names set me back in a chair, some I cannot even pronounce. I am challenged by him. How lovely children are..( just thinking out loud. )

    You must also be a great conversationalist. Great discussion points, Thank you!

    • Good post

      • Thanks, appreciate your thought.
        This reply never got where it was going the 1st time??
        None the less each of your comments are appreciated with apologies for not getting there the 1st time.

  11. My Dear Lady Baroness,

    In reality, it is special that my son refers to me as dinosaur. It’s been his ‘pet’ name for me since he was a baby. He went through a time when dinosaurs were the most intriguing subject in his life. Cartoons, movies, tv, and another phase all the way thru pre-teens.

    It has become our joke now, that he is in his 20s. Though, as I age, he might be coming to believe more, and more of the possibility that, I just might be a premiere, pioneer dinosaur.

    None the less, I will probably always be his dinosaur.

    I realize that, yes in reality, within the human species, I am gaining in age but, that it really doesn’t matter as long as I am having a good time with it, and I am. However, I find it’s okay to acknowledge the reality of it. I’m older, and so what? It’s part of the natural function of the Universe.

    Without each one of us being the perfect form of energy, the Universe could fail operate perfectly. So, I must be at the perfect age, perfect time, and place as you, and the Universe continues to operate in a perfect arrangement.

    Thank you, my dear friend for your always kind remarks.

    Cordially, I remain…

  12. This is a great.. ahem..”About” but instead of older how you are an original? One of a kind?
    I think we all get my point.. Never older Dave,, anything but for us Boomers Please..

    Love the Blip… such a nice touch I must say..


    • Thank you, Dear Lady Baroness Aging gracefully is okay but, it is very tough when, my own son thinks of me as, not just ‘a’ but, ‘the’ pioneer dinosaur. However, as you wish…let us each be authentically, unique. In spite of anyone else’s perception.

      • Your message is a delighful way to start this day. Thank you Dave.
        Your son has a unique way of telling you how special you are in his life. I like his style too. Must not fall to far from you..

        Its not easy I agree, getting “wiser” with age.. but thinking of the alternative and we end up right back here ..loving our life as it takes us on this journey like none other. One of the treasured gems about this time in our lives is having the courage to live out our convictions, I see even from here you doing that my friend. And am proud to call you my friend.

        So let your son have his misguided thoughts of you.. we know different. Although him saying to you that “you are unique” in his eyes is pretty special; and I do believe this is what he means Dave. But then I am always looking for the things in each set of life circimstances to be “Glad” about. The Happy game of Pollyanna.

        Hope you are doing well my friend. I think about you often and am quite enamored with this friendship. Thank you for this and thank you, for you~

  13. Thank you for visiting my blog. Yours seems very sophisticated to me as well as organized.

    • Thank you. Security was recently compromised so, had to start all over, again with a lot of the same content. That is why, ‘A Second Cup’ was retired. Thanks, again!

  14. amommys2cents

    Thank you for checking out my blog and becoming a follower!

    • Dave

      Thanks for coming by!

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