Bang, Bang, You’re Dead

You Have Your Rights…., and So Do They.

The Constitution of the United States gives me some inalienable rights.  However, the Constitution has been amended a number of times to suit the needs of politicians, and others as seen necessary for the good of the American public.
The Constitution says each citizen,  can have a gun,  just because, a citizen wants one.   Sure, the gun has to be registered but, the intended use of that firearm can change, at any time.  the owner could snap, and do unspeakable things.  Owners of automatic assault weapons have plans.  However, they have the right.  Don’t tamper with anybody’s rights.
 If you own a gun, maybe you shouldn’t.  But it says everybody, and anybody has the right.
I believe it is time to amend the 2nd amendment for more clarification, though, the context with which it is written, really does not give individuals the right to arm themselves because they like the idea.  it is written within the context of each individual being allowed to arm themselves within a militia to protect the country.  It was written to clarify the militia having free reign to arm each individual serving.  It was rendered so, back then, if it had been necessary, the general population could arm themselves against a tyrannical government.
The Supreme Court ruled (District of Columbia v. Heller, issued in 2008) the 2nd amendment as valid but, at the same time, in the same ruling the court ruled only guns for legal purposes were allowed.   The ruling further indicated the amendment is archaic, not reflecting today’s technology, and that weapons of the future, not yet imagined  could not be, and were not covered by the amendment.
The 2nd amendment was not a license for war in the streets at the whim of someone owning a weapon.  It was not meant to license death on a whim.  It is more important to these so called, 2nd amendment patriots that war on the streets prevails over peace on the streets if, it means they are losing rights they never had.
It is time for peace on the streets!
Start reading the Constitution, verbatim, beginning with, ‘We the people…..,’ and in that paragraph it outlines a premise that each of us are entitled to a life in tranquility.  For all the ‘patriots’ out there screaming your fool heads off about not getting your guns under 2nd Amendment Rights, how about those children whose rights were permanently taken away?  Gunned down in a massacre.  Their right to live a life in tranquility?  You want your rights?  The victims in Newtown wanted their rights! 
Did you want to demand your rights with a conference call direct to families in Newtown, Conn.?  I would bet these same families will want to demand their rights to live in tranquility.  Go ahead, talk.  Tell them all about your ‘gun’ rights.
Do I sound a little testy, this morning?


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  1. Your gun laws are very confusing to a Swede… Dave, I’ve been following your blog for a long time but I never seem to get your posts. Do you know if anyone else has a problem as well?

    • Not that I’m aware of however, my wife of more than 36 yrs, still has some problems understanding me, and often asks for clarification on my thoughts.

      I admit to using innuendo, and sarcasm as well so, sometimes I might be difficult to understand.

  2. Excellent article! When the second amendment was written “back in the day,” they did not have “gun magazines.” I would like to review the workings of a gun in 1751 when the second amendment was adopted as part of the Bill of Rights. Amendments need amending with changing times. Back in 1791 there was also no medical care provided by the government, no cars, bla bla bla. What will we do with the second amendment when technology surpasses the use of guns. Perhaps guns won’t even be necessary in the future. Who really knows?

    • I am amazed at the number of ‘Constitutional Patriots’ who, know just one thing. They think they have rights to a weapon under the 2nd Amendment. There’s no background knowledge or, direct study. Only that they have their rights.

      As for the future, going beyond guns, and in to a different unimaginable weapon, I believe these same ‘patriots’ will go abstract on us, claiming their rights under an already antiquated 2nd Amendment.

      Keep advocating for the animals. You do a great job!

  3. Amen Dave! If people (politicians esp) took the time to understand our own constitution, really understood what our founding fathers intentions were re: the second amendment, I’m sure we could come up with better solutions than cowtowing to the gun industry and their lobbyists. Then again, the gov’t would have to rethink their whole military industrial complex machine and war as a means of economic stimulus and avoidance of real social issues.

    • You are so right. The weapons industry has lobbyists in D.C. Lobbyists should be illegal but, they do pay much of the fare for politicians. I don’t expect they’ll be illegal anytime soon.

      The NRA presents itself as one way but, hosts an entire pro-weapons economy in D.C. It is a large organization of the misguided which can, on a moment’s notice, launch a vicious attack on any politician it chooses.

      Politicians prefer the status-quo because it usually allows opponents time to settle in, and get used to the status-quo. Look how we’ve all sort of settled in to accept the status-quo because, what could be easier? It’s comfortable.

      Some of us have finally arrived. It will be a lot of hard work but, passionate about a new status-quo that brings the nation to new heights. A ‘peaceful economy.’ A new economy to replace the broken one.

      It will take passionate hearts, and minds seeking no boundaries just, new places to construct this economy of peace.

  4. Hello Groovy Dave.,
    You never cease to amaze me. You have just penned what I have been trying to say since the horrors at Sandy Hook came down. I am blown away by this poignant piece by you and I am stunned at how we just had spoke about this. Writing what the other feels, or as in this case did voice, the same thoughts. Also know I should not be surprised by you, that we seem to do this.

    I don’t know if you know about the missing children’s blog I also co-administer for, and we post ab bout circumstances that threaten children and how we can try to ensure the safety to our best. My point is that I have been trying to write 3rd part to a 3 part series regarding what happened in Sandy Hook The 3rd part about gun restrictions but the words just would not follow to my keyboard.
    My point being that there needed to be a 3rd part,and it was to be about the gun laws. we battle in this country. No control Control never ever works for anything, we would just be borrowing more problems, so I say restrictions. I do not believe in this country we will ever get a bill that will be a complete ban. Sadly, so many base the American history around guns.

    In a personal note I have a deceased sister who was 3 ( was just a twinkle in my dads eye) when she was accidentally killed in a family hunting campsite. So those who call themselves sportsman and not dangerous, that it is people not the guns who kill. I beg to differ with all of it.
    Amending the constitution is the only way this will progress ~ I am sure glad we are in this lifetime together.
    My friend you make my Monday.. it was rough going there for awhile today so keeping my eyes on only the goodness was mt saving grace What a beautiful thing. Thank you for continuing to shine your light Dear Groovy. Thank you for shining it in my direction MY d3ear brother.

    We are the peace that we wish to see reside in us all.
    May my Loving & Peaceful energy wrap around you and reflect back all that you are giving to this community and to our universe And friend like me. ~ Your sister, Toni

    • My Dear Lady Baroness,

      Thank you for your comments, here.

      I am saddened by, your story about your sister.

      The sportsmen toting their guns should be allowed their hunting apparatus but, we need to train them more rigidly, and more often to qualify for owning a hunting rifle. An annual check-up of their skills or, the gun must be confiscated pending training, and a new check-up. Ammunition quantity checks certified before, and after a hunting trip, with excess ammunition being confiscated at the end of a hunting trip for credit given for retrieval on the next outing. Finally, no more than 1 gun per person.

      As for today’s assault weapons, and pistols, I would have very strict laws. You can’t. If you do, it is a felony. If you sell, handle or, buy them, you are put away for life without parole.

      So, if a crime is committed with an illegal firearm, not only is the person responsible for the crime, guilty but so is anyone else who sold the gun and/or ammunition used in that crime.

      Only those not wanting peace on the streets would object. Only those that have plans for their use will object.

      Sadly, it becomes a forced issue. We have to force, Peace on the Streets but, maybe once achieved, everybody’s happier, and no longer a forced issue.

      Thank you, as always for your kind words. What is that saying…..Oh yes, we have proven, great minds think alike. ;-)

      Wishing you the very best,
      Cordially, As always,
      I remain….

      • Good Thursday to you My Groovy Dave,
        I hope this finds you smiling that dazzling smile of your very own. Its a good day to be your blogging pal.
        I have read your gun control proposal and will volunteer right here and now to be your campaign manager gratis. ;-)

        In all seriousness and sinceieity I want to share that I am proud to know you are my friend and brother, and that you call me you friend. You have proposed this most credible and feasible edict that there should be no legitimate reason for not wanting to comply
        You have managed to satisfy all persuasions with due respect while at the same time offering the solutions for in the event of non-compliance.

        Our state Reps and Senate could lake lessons from you in writing new legislation. And God knows they need the help. You might think about giving tho some thought Dave to making it a formal proposal. You truly have something very credible & well thought out going on here. You have obviously pit a lot of deep thought into this and I applaud you for it.
        I am also grateful, I can live with these laws~.

        So, how does Governor Groovy sound? (smiling big)

        • My Dear Lady Baroness,

          Thank you, once again for some very kind comments.

          The pride in friendship is a two way street. I have enjoyed every moment of our relationship, and consider it a rare treasure.

          Governor Groovy sounds good but would mean an association with some crooked souls who, worship the dollar to maintain their careers, while accomplishing little to nothing for the good of the public.

          I most certainly would not want to become a Republican or, Democrat. They both have contributed equal roles in trying to bring down this country, little by, little. Each member of each party, dedicated to party platforms with the country left behind to pick up the pieces while the country goes nowhere.

          I would rather not propose such laws but, the country needs this kind of legislation to maintain reasonable order on the streets.

          Anyway, dear sister, have a groovy, peaceful day.

          Cordially, As Always,
          I Remain

          • My Dear Groovy Dave,
            I happen to be quite smitten with the sound of Governor Groovy, I like the peaceful rebel sound to it actually. But that is as far as I would be wiling to throw you to the pack of animals. I agree with you about the likes of politicians with my head nodding yes and yes again.
            I had been approached in the early 1980’s to run for a town council.position. I could only laugh at the absurdity of it. Despite taking on two giant railroads then (So Pacific & Union Pacific) and winning The Cause for the town and school district I would not have held up for even a 5 minute interview with the mayor; let alone the other 6 councilors. They would have delighted in having me for lunch and I don’t mean as their lunch date.
            Your point is well understood by me ~ I hope my tongue in cheek nomination was a feel good funny to you and nothing else.

            Your Gun law proposal and my opinion of it how ever on my behalf was not tongue in cheek at all. I just think it makes the most sense out anything I have read to date.
            I just want you to know I think you are brilliant and though I said things in jest I am isincerek impressed as always with the loving and kind place you naturally come from. This is the YOU Groovy Dave that is just being YOU that i have come to know and love. I meant what I said about the piece you wrote on this subject I could never get out out of my head because of my heart. And you said just what I feel. I don’t pretend to understand how this happens, but you have to know that considering the topic which I have strong feelings about you saved me emotionally. I needed to see a post on the subject that made common sense, and was not all emotional based as mine would have been. Accomplishing not a thing.

            Our friendship Groovy and Having it bloom, and now grow into this charming bouquet of wildflowers with each bloom being a different spark of lightness, and the vivacious brilliant colors is one of the pure delights of my life. It was a long cold winter waiting for these blooms to warm my soul up. Thank you for this Dave ~

            Sending you a peaceful wish for a fine beautiful Sunday spent doing what nourishes your soul a little back to you.

            PS Dave, please tell me if you would when did you add the Groovy Dave’s quote-roll on your side bar? And that coveted mug? i
            You could turn that “uber-cool ” peace & Love mug into the coolest Groovy Doc’s coveted Peace Mug award. ;-)
            Purely me doing some thinking out loud.

            • Good Morning, Dear Lady Baroness,

              Thank you for coming around, and saying exactly that, which is on your mind. I completely understood without hesitation, your intended humor. I am, the Groovy Gov over my own life, and it takes much to manage so, I won’t be running. :-)

              As for the rest, I truly believe it is time to lay down a law, further making everybody from a manufacturer to a retailer, thrift shop as well as the perpetrator of a crime with a firearm all responsible with penalties.

              Again, I am very happy we have become friends. And, once again, I might say, great minds think alike :-) Seems one kind of knows how the other is feeling. I hold you in the highest esteem for your emphasis on truth, and authenticity. I am thankful as you have brought the importance of those forward when, they used to sort of linger with me but, not as every day important aspects of life to be cognizant of with every word, and every move.

              My dear Lady, I must prepare for the day’s work so,
              Cordially, As Always,
              I Remain

  5. I demand my rights to live in tranquility. Peace now. I got your back, Dave.

    • Thank you, Kozo! Peaceful people make peace on the streets.

  6. Unfortunately all debates fraught with emotion tend to break down into personalized attacks based on fear, anger and hate. If it is possible, I am really in the middle of this issue, because I can see both sides. The emotions of each side tend to create an us and them mentality. Any time that separation exists between people, in my experience it tends to be the first step to violence itself. Separating one from their humanity and placing them away from you based on their beliefs has justified many evil acts throughout history. The answer? To approach this issue with some understanding for all involved, real dialogue, real communication, not catch phrases and fear. Look at all involved as we and not “us” and “them” , we are all proud of our country, we all are heartbroken by the tragedy in Newtown.
    Coming together through understanding is far more powerful and lasting than short term fighting and words of hate. What have we learned? Just one person’s opinion.

    • Thank you for your comments.

      Emotions can certainly divide. Further, emotions are part of the ego. However, it is all part of the human composition. So, emotions are, a matter of controlling the ego. That is difficult to do.

      A position of ‘seeing both sides’ is only creating a third dimension, and yet, another side to the story. Taking this position also involves ego, and by creating another side, it is also potential for further division.

      The core question is really, are we able to control our ego to the point where all can live together, peacefully?

      • I agree. I wish I knew the answer. Thanks for the thoughts!

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